Fruity Filter Flag Vol.2

Hey All,

I am in Hamburg, sitting in the cosiest café with warm lights, soft pillows, and most importantly: very delicious coffee. After drinking my flat white and sipping some filter I’m at top energy to tell you: Tornqvist has moved since the last time I told you about it (click here) and it’s better than ever!

If you have visited Linus in Groningen before or caught him somewhere on the road with his van, you already know about the high quality and amazing fruity tastes he has a variety of – I cannot get enough of it myself. And now it’s not only part of a store, but a whole place, just imagine!

Linus is doing this pop up café for the cold winter times so we can all come in here and warm up with a double espresso, a double cappuccino, or a coffee flight (yea I also didn’t know what that was, one more reason for you to visit as well and find out!).


This place won’t be here longer than 3 more weeks, then the crazy little VW van takes off again to serve beans roasted by Drop Coffee, Koppi, and La Cabra – one is better than the other. But if all goes well, Linus finds the nicest spot in Hamburg and Tornqvist can open up its own place for the long-term –  and I have to say, with this taste in interior design it just cannot go wrong. Aaand attention, I have great news! If you find the spot where this place can open – by sending a photo, emailing Linus, or getting into touch with him in any way -, you get a lifetime long supply of coffee there!! So GO ON people living in Hamburg, closely look through all streets and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

For the meantime just drop by at Detlev Bremer Strasse 46 and enjoy the Scandinavian passion and hospitality.