Fruity Filter Flag Vol.2

Hey All,

I am in Hamburg, sitting in the cosiest café with warm lights, soft pillows, and most importantly: very delicious coffee. After drinking my flat white and sipping some filter I’m at top energy to tell you: Tornqvist has moved since the last time I told you about it (click here) and it’s better than ever!

If you have visited Linus in Groningen before or caught him somewhere on the road with his van, you already know about the high quality and amazing fruity tastes he has a variety of – I cannot get enough of it myself. And now it’s not only part of a store, but a whole place, just imagine!

Linus is doing this pop up café for the cold winter times so we can all come in here and warm up with a double espresso, a double cappuccino, or a coffee flight (yea I also didn’t know what that was, one more reason for you to visit as well and find out!).


This place won’t be here longer than 3 more weeks, then the crazy little VW van takes off again to serve beans roasted by Drop Coffee, Koppi, and La Cabra – one is better than the other. But if all goes well, Linus finds the nicest spot in Hamburg and Tornqvist can open up its own place for the long-term –  and I have to say, with this taste in interior design it just cannot go wrong. Aaand attention, I have great news! If you find the spot where this place can open – by sending a photo, emailing Linus, or getting into touch with him in any way -, you get a lifetime long supply of coffee there!! So GO ON people living in Hamburg, closely look through all streets and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

For the meantime just drop by at Detlev Bremer Strasse 46 and enjoy the Scandinavian passion and hospitality.

Germany Vol.3

Hey All,

They say that you can get the best currywurst in Berlin – well, they might be wrong, because I had a pretty good one yesterday. My German cooks of this time are two fellow business ladies from my studies, Katrin and Valeska. You might also be wondering why there are so many German posts lately, but living in Groningen just gives you so many friends from the neighbor country that it would be a missed opportunity not showing you guys as many recipes as possible! We even got sausages right from Katrin’s hometown, Tönisvorst, so, let’s make currywurst and kartoffelsalat!

All you need - pork sausage, potato, onion, pickle, carrot, chives, mustard, yoghurt, curry herb ketchup, ,mustard, worcester sauce, apple mousse, vinegar, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper
All you need – pork sausage, potato, onion, pickle, carrot, chives, mustard, yoghurt, curry herb ketchup, Worcester sauce, apple mousse, vinegar, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper
What you need the most!
What you need the most!

As usual, start with peeling and chopping everything. Begin with the potatoes, because those need quite some time to get cooked. You can already cut them into little cubes before boiling, but after is fine as well. Then also peel, cut and boil your carrots. Don’t let your cutting board go yet – keep chopping the onions, pickles, chives! Once your veggies are well-cooked, put everything in a bowl. Next, you make the sauce for the salad. Mix yoghurt with mustard, salt, and pepper, then all this on the veggie mix – your kartoffelsalat is ready! You can put it in the fridge while you prepare the juicy sausages.

So, as far as I have seen making the sauce for the currywurst is veeery tricky! Supposedly you only need to mix all the different sauces you have, so grab a big spoon and a bowl. Here you mix curry herb ketchup (curry gewürz ketchup), Worcester sauce, apple mousse, vinegar, olive oil, honey, optionally extra ketchup, salt, pepper – and, of course, a lot of curry. I will not even try to tell you about proportions, because seemingly it all depends on personal preferences. The only thing I know is that I loved ours! When you have this mix, you fry some garlic and onion in a pan, pour this mix on it, then cook it for a bit. The flavor changes while cooking, so keep tasting. While you’re doing this, you can also melt some fat or butter in another bigger pan and fry your sausages. If you managed to make the sauce right, then nothing can go wrong anymore! Serve the sausages with sauce on the top, with some extra curry, and a piece of bread.

A few month ago when I went to Katrin’s place, a met a little ball of fur, Hannibal, their pet hamster. Unfortunately I don’t have a pet here, so I got overly excited about this one, and ever since was always looking forward to see this tiny fellow again. Well, yesterday I got to know he passed away months ago… it was the biggest disappointment of my day, but these truly delicious German treats made me a lot happier! And a lot fuller. And the shot of schnapps after very sleepy. So remember: German food and drinks cheer you up vey well!

Currywurst and Kartoffelsalat
Currywurst and Kartoffelsalat

Please enjoy these rather simple recipes and traditional German tastes – I promise I will try to bring you other countries soon! Guten Appetit!

The Germans
The Germans

Thanks for cooking, girls!

Germany Vol.2

Hey All,

I haven’t posted a recipe for a long time, so to catch up on that I might start repeating some countries – this should only be good for you though, getting some expertise in some of the national cuisines. This is gonna be a mini one, but the amount of tastiness is very big!

Philippe was my cook this time. We are doing an improv comedy course together – great place to gather some fun, friends, and potentially flags! This German is from Berlin, and he prepared me his all time favorite dish, which also happens to be the first recipe he has ever learnt! Bratkartoffeln,here we go!

All you need - potato, mushroom, ham, green beans, onion, oil, salt, pepper
All you need – potato, mushroom, ham, green beans, onion, oil, salt, pepper

It’s gonna be so easy to prepare and so great to eat, you’ll love it! First just chop everything into cubes, slices, bites. Then you start frying the potato cubes in a little oil. Try to use a rather deep pan so everything will fit at the end. Next you add the onion and the beans. Wait a couple of minutes, then throw on your pieces of mushroom and ham. Spice it up with salt and pepper, mix it all up, and wait until all ingredients are well fried, crispy.

Well, I can’t believe it myself but… this is it. Eat up! And get a nice German beer too – a great companion here, or actually any other evening.


Philippe is very open, fun, and loves to travel. He’s planning a very cool hitchhiking tour across Western/Northern Europe for this summer (, I encourage all of you to either join him or look out for him during those weeks so he can make this tasty dish for you as well! In the meantime you can check us out doing some improv this Saturday if you’re in the city of Groningen! As I told you before, having a nice German around is always a fun experience to have!

The German
The German

Thank you for cooking, Philippe! Enjoy the potato, ya’ll!


Hey All,

Even though I can still feel the taste of the Carbonara from last week, another flag already showed up today! What is even better, this time we didn’t cook but we baked! To make it even more special, I had TWO cooks! Sometime last week these two cooks, Lars and Florian, had the idea to bake a cake – I ended up joining them, but simply because I wanted to decorate cookies or so; I really have no idea about any sort of confectionary crafts. By chance the recipe turned up to be a traditional German black forest cake – Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (although we believe it’s a tart, not a cake) -, so I took the opportunity for getting the German flag for the blog.

The last time I told you that simplicity is the key. Now, forget that, because this was everything but simple.

All you need - eggs, sugar, water, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, compote sour cherries, cream, starch, butter
All you need – eggs, sugar, water, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, compote sour cherries, cream, starch, butter, grated chocolate

Read this one carefully, step by step if you want to make it only according to this description. But remember, it was the three of us making this one, so you might need to get some help too. Start by separating the egg whites and yolks. Then mix the yolks with sugar and some hot water until it gets so creamy that the sugar crystals are not visible. Next, you mix the flour, baking soda, cocoa and the egg yolk cream. In a separate bowl, beat up your egg whites into whipped cream – it needs to get very-very stiff. If this is ready, slowly just stir it into the other bowl. You will get a very smooth basic dough, which goes into a buttered cake shape and into the oven at 200 degrees for approximately half an hour. In the meantime, it’s pudding-time! On low heat, cook a part of your sour cherries in its own juice, some water, and add some starch – for us it looked more like jam than any kind of pudding, but maybe you’ll do a better job. Once your dough turned into a very savory cake base, let it cool down a little bit. Make a huge bowl of whipped cream before going further.

Ok, a very tough part is coming. I didn’t tell you before because now you just have to go through with it, even if it gets really stressful, almost hectic…

You need to slice up this pretty piece of pastry into three, since our tasteful tart has several layers.


Are you done with slicing off the first layer? There comes the second…


I very much hope it worked out as good as it did for us – extra congratulations on this one to Flo!!

All left now is the easy part. Put the pudding and whipped cream between the the different layers, then cover up the whole tart with so much whipped cream that you can’t even tell anymore whether it’s an actual tart or just a pile of egg whites. Put all the rest of your sour cherries on top and sprinkle it with grained chocolate. After leaving it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes it’s completely ready! Perfect for breakfast or even for dinner, fills you up real nice. A sip of milk after each bite makes it even more delicious.



Even though it takes a lot more time and effort to make than the two previous recipes, once again only some very basic ingredients ending up as this beautiful tart is just incredible! If you need more details on portions I’m sure you can find it online, but I can highly recommend starting it only if you’re also accompanied by two handsome Germans! Having someone native can only boost your motivation to try such a difficult recipe- it’s like getting your own FoodAndFlag!

The Germans
The Germans

Great recipe, great company, very first tart-experience. Thank you a lot for baking, boys!