Hey All,

As the weather is getting colder and rainfalls soak me every day, I wanted nothing on a Sunday but to stay inside… luckily I didn’t. I crossed the city of Amsterdam, saw a rainbow on my way, and ended up with a whole afternoon baking session with my lovely Canadian friend Carly! Yes, Canadian! And yes, this means a whole new recipe and Food and Flags covering a new piece of land on the map – yay!

This afternoon we (or rather her) prepared a fantastic blueberry pie which you must try too! Won’t be too complicated, promise.

All you need – blueberries, flour, coconut oil, egg replacement, vinegar, sugar, brown sugar, margarine, salt, baking powder

This one isn’t just a simple “national dish” though, no no. While pies are of course quite typical in North America, this one is much more special than that! Our pie baking followed Grandma Rita’s famous blueberry pie recipe! Carly’s Grandmother made this delicious dessert not only for special occasions but sometimes also decided to whip it up on simpler afternoons. After figuring out today how not complicated the making is, I think we will bake it more often as well! The miracle pie dough needs to be done first, which after the filling will basically make itself.

We mixed around 5 cups of flour with margarine and coconut oil and some salt. You work the mix with your hands until crumbly. After you add a bit of ice cold water. Instead of using an egg, you also add egg replacement (portion of one egg), two tablespoons of vinegar, and a pinch of salt. Then also bring on the sugar, 2-3 tablespoons! Work it into one big ball.

Following, you spread some flour either on a cutting board or just on your kitchen counter and roll out half of the dough ball – this will be the bottom of your pie. It should be around half a centimetre thin. Tip: if you don’t have a rolling pin, an empty wine bottle will do too (worked for us)!

Making the pie with blueberries is not only very tasty, but also reminds Carly of home. She is from the city of Sudbury, where the tiny fruit grows wild on bushes. Just imagine walking on the street and picking some berries on your way home… isn’t it just dreamy??

Continue with laying the rolled out dough in your pie tin. Then you simply mix your blueberries with some flour and sugar and pour it into the shape as well. If you live someplace like us where blueberries do not unfortunately present themselves on bushes right now, then the shop ones or the frozen ones will do too – we used a bag of the frozen ones. After, you get another ball of pastry, roll it out the same way, and gently lay it on top of your pie. Seal the edge with a fork – it also gives a pretty pattern -, then cut leaf-shaped holes on top. Looks beautiful already, doesn’t it?


You can give it a milk wash before it goes in the oven at 230 degrees, at the beginning the top covered so it doesn’t burn. After around 40 minutes you can take the cover off and let it further bake for another 10-15 minutes. Take it out when golden brown and let it cool for around half an hour.

Blueberry Pie

While baking, Carly was wearing the apron her Grandmother made for her, making it a truly nostalgic experience for her and a happy, warm experience for me. I met Carly five years ago in Groningen and while I moved across countries we somehow both managed to end up in Amsterdam. I could not be happier it turned out this way, because now I do not only have a wonderful friend in town but from today on also a my new favourite baking partner too!

The Canadian

Thank you so much for baking, Carly, and thank you for reading, reader!