Festive Flag – A Holiday Special

Hey All,

I just got home for the holidays a few days ago and cannot believe that there is only one day left until Christmas eve. It has always been one of my favorite holidays – decorating the tree with my siss, then just keep on eating for the coming 72 hours. It’s been a while since I last gave you a fine piece of recipe, but as we are probably all in a festive mood, I figured you may want to make a super easy cookie! For the first time, there is no international cook participating but it’s simply me baking some sweets. If these are snowflakes or stars just depends on your perception I guess, but let’s call them Snowflake Cookies for now! Oh, and the best part: it’s with Nutella!! Yay!

All you need - flour, salt, sugar, yiest, nutella, water
All you need – salt, sugar, yiest, nutella, water AND even though missing from the photo, flour!

Put the water in a bowl and just mix it with all other dry ingredients. It should just get into this typical pastry consistency, which you usually reach once it doesn’t stick to your fingers anymore. When¬†done, lay down a piece of baking paper on your counter,¬†cover it with a handful of flour, then spread your pastry – it should be half a finger thin. Next, you cut the snowflakes out – or stars, reindeers, snowmen, maybe even the whole Bethlehem crew – and bake both sides in a pan for 6-7 minutes. Watch out to make an even number of pieces! Once it’s a little brown and crunchy, get a piece, put a little spoon of Nutella on it and stick another piece of cookie on top. Repeat the same with all you have. To make it look more Christmasy, sprinkle loads of powder sugar on the pile of your snowflakes, and it’s ready!

Snowflake Cookies
Snowflake Cookies

There is possibly no easier cookie recipe than this one and… well, it’s obviously not a secret anymore though that I made this because I cannot bake – but still looks pretty, doesn’t it? Give it a try if you have time besides all the family breakfasts, lunches, dinners or tea-times – or just save it for Easter and make little bunny cookies!

I wish all of you a Merry Merry Christmas and hopefully you’ll hear from FoodAndFlags soon with a NYE Special!