The Netherlands

Hey All,

As I live in The Netherlands, it seemed appropriate and rather obvious to show some of the local cuisine of my second home! The cook of the day was Hidde, who described himself as a “very very handsome gentleman”. Besides his great looks, Hidde shows his talents as the singer of the hardcore-punk band R.C.Sullivan – check them out, very massive and powerful music! It’s really worth reading their lyrics which are all wrote by the Dutch chef! It’s also worthy to know that he is a vegetarian since the age of 13, so this time you get his spiced up version of the traditional Dutch dish: STAMPPOT! Lucky for you, this is once again a completely easy-to-make meal. But definitely get some nice Dutch beer already for the cooking process! We grabbed a few cans of Grolsch (if you’re not Dutch don’t even try to pronounce it), but any other beer from The Netherlands will do too.

All you need - potato, onion, garlic, endive, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, cheese, mustard, binder, pine nut, sausage
All you need – potato, onion, garlic, endive, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, cheese, mustard, starch, pine nut, sausage

Peel all the potatoes and chop them into smaller cubes so when you boil them they’ll cook faster – you do that until it’s all sort of soft and mouldering. While that’s happening, you pretty much keep chopping everything around you – mushrooms, onions, garlic, cheese. Put the first three in a pan with some salt, pepper and butter – this will be your gravy. When it already smells nice and the onion is glazy, you can add some mustard and a bay lief, then some diluted starch so it gets nice and saucy, yum-yum! I would guess that your potato is more than soft by now so start mashing it, throw your cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, all the endive, salt, pepper and butter in, and keep mashing it – very great biceps exercise by the way. Oh, I forgot about the sausage, but that’s rather optional – both with and without you’ll get super full.


I would say it was easy as pie, but I think now we all need to change and say easy as stamppot, because it was just incredibly quick to make! Ours was an absolutely typical Dutch evening while we ate this tasty dish – this food and some beer inside, rain outside. Lucky for us, Hidde also grabbed his guitar and played some catchy tunes to complete the nice full, sleepy and satisfied feeling of finishing the whole plate.

Last words about the cook is that he studied biology, he’s greatly conscious about the environment and pays attention to his ecological footprint – something we should all learn a little bit more? I think so, cause if someone could teach you such a nice recipe then can probably teach you other things too! Keep watching out for R.C.Sullivan and pay some attention to your environment. Or don’t. Most importantly just go, cook! NOW!

The Dutch
The Dutch

Still here? Come on, go and cook! And eet smakelijk!

PS.: special thanks to Iris for the notes

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