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This is the launching post of FoodAndFlags, introducing the first recipes, the first flag and me.

Who am I? I’m Adri, a 22 year old Hungarian girl studying in the Netherlands, who enjoys food and lucky enough to have met many great people from different countries. I like good books, a nice walk in the forest and I really don’t like turkeys. I have red hair and a great appetite for a tasty dish.

Why FoodAndFlags? This blog started for several reasons: I love writing, I love eating and, most importantly, I have some great international friends who I can exploit and make them cook for me. There are so many foodie blogs, I just really wanted to start one myself as well – you know, just as usual, go to restaurants and write a critique on them as if I would actually have a clue about food and being a chef. Luckily, however, a friend came up with the idea of starting a blog where I post about cooking with my international friends, taste their local cuisine and share the experience with you guys, so trying to come up with a fresh and new kind of foodie site (thanks Lars)!

To give it a start, I cooked with Enrique, my one and only fantastic Colombian friend. Ok, to be honest, WE didn’t cook. HE cooked and I chopped chicken and limes. To be even more honest, I don’t even know the name of the snacks we made, but it’s not even important – it was easy, it tasted amazing and we had a fun time!

All you need - plantain, tomato, lime, chicken, onion, yuka
All you need – plantain, tomato, lime, chicken, onion, yuka

Two sorts of finger-food were prepared tonight, and we hardly used any ingredients. The first one was fried plantain with tomato-chicken sauce. Have you ever had plantain before? No, me neither. Is it great? YES! You peel it, chop it into 3-4 pieces and put it in hot oil; wait until it gets golden brown and medium cooked. Get it out of the pan, and carefully smash it with a plate or pot so it becomes thin, flat and sort of round. Funny thing though that if you were making this dish in Colombia, you would put the medium fried piece of plantain in a plastic bag and smash it by actually standing on it. Nevertheless, once nice and flattened, it goes back to the pan and stays there until it turns a little browner and crunchier. Done? Great! You can make the sauce for it at the same time! Boil a chicken breast and when ready, tear it into small pieces. Fry some onion on oil, add chopped tomatoes and a piece of smashed garlic and give a hint of salt, pepper and curcuma – this gives the sauce a pretty yellow color. Boil it for a couple of minutes, then serve together with the fried plantain. So easy and fills you up so quick!

Fried plantain with chicken-tomato sauce
Fried plantain with chicken-tomato sauce

One type of food for dinner is definitely not enough though, so get a nice big piece of yuca and start peeling it. Cut in into longer stripes and boil it in salty water. Once soft, get it out, chop it in half and fry it until crunchy. Best served with salt and lime, lots of lime!

Fried yuka with salt and lemon
Fried yuka with salt and lime

Colombia is my first Flag, fried plantain and yuka were my first Foods and this was my first post. I always enjoy seeing that if the combination is good, the simplest ingredients can give you the most surprising taste; just as it happened with these two. I can only recommend both as lunch, dinner or as a midnight snack – you will fall in love with them each way.

The Colombian
The Colombian

Thank you, stranger, for reading, and thank you, Enrique, for giving me the first blog-material!

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